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Genus: Mimosa
Species: Mimosa Hostilis (Mimosa tenuiflora)
Origin: Brazil
Common Names: Vinho de Jeruma, Jurema, Carbonal, Tepescohuite, Yurema, Cabrero, Jurema Preta, Calumbi, Black Jeruma

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Mimosa hostilis root bark buy

Mimosa hostilis root bark buy, also often referred to as “jurema preta” or “tepezcohuite”, is a perennial evergreen tree or shrub, which grows wild in North-eastern Brazil. It is a wonderful product with a wide range of usages. In Brazil, people drink mimosa hostilis root as a tea to tackle the symptoms of headaches and pains of different origins and to treat respiratory illnesses. The Mimosa hostilis root bark buy tea also helps to alleviate symptoms caused by the aftermath of smoking, drinking alcohol, and using hard drugs (incl. cocaine and heroin). Mimosa Hostilis buy anti-inflammatory/antiseptic properties that are able to kill bacteria, and germs and defend one against viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, inflammation, and aches. Being the perfect material to blend with creams, ointments, and pastes. The presence of several alkaloids, lipids, saponins, glucosides, lupeol, phytosterols, arabinose, and rhamnose can also improve the immune system of the users. mimosa hostilis for sale, mimosa hostilis USA.

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The fields where our harvest comes from do not receive any chemical pesticides or any chemical agents as the grass and herbs grow naturally during the rainy season and pests are naturally controlled by the six-month dry period. Also during processing, we use no chemicals whatsoever, in fact, no product at all is used. This is 100% organic mimosa hostilis root bark. Once harvested, the cleaned buying mimosa hostilis root bark is transported in boxes to the clean glass greenhouse which is a clean environment to avoid contamination of the product. The bark dries at 70% of shade for a few days and is then shredded before being packed into plastic bags. We care about you and your health, therefore we make sure that only the highest quality mimosa hostilis root bark buy is reaching our customers. mimosa hostilis for sale.

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The ancient use of mimosa hostilis USA is primarily related to healing wounds and burns due to its antiseptic properties. Historically there are claims that after a series of catastrophes including an explosion and a volcanic eruption where the victims proved the effectiveness of the plant to treat wounds and burns. Indigenous communities in Chiapas boil either the stem or the bark of buy mimosa hostilis root bark for a couple of minutes and apply in the bath afterward or stick to the affected area as a thick paste. In some areas of Mexico, the bark is boiled. This water is utilized for washing the affected area a few times each day until the burn or wound is healed. All types of inflammations and infections are readily treated, as well. The powdered mimosa hostilis is often infused with a lotion of choice for facial scrubs, serums, and facial masks. Acne, wrinkles, blemishes, and pimples are also eradicated by the benefits of mimosa hostilis bark. The presence of bioflavonoids and trace quantities of B12 make better in the quality of hair and reduce and prevent hair loss, hydrate, and maintain the hair clean and healthy. Buy mimosa hostilis shampoos and ointments that are used for the treatment of psoriasis. mimosa hostilis for sale.

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