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Genus: Mimosa
Species: Mimosa Hostilis (Mimosa tenuiflora)
Origin: Mexico
Common Names: Vinho de Jeruma, Jurema, Carbonal, Tepescohuite, Yurema, Cabrero, Jurema Preta, Calumbi, Black Jeruma

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Our buying mimosa hostilis root bark is sourced from a group of indigenous farmers in the region of Oaxaca. They have a lot of experience with selecting the right trees and the proper harvesting grounds. The type of ground plays a big role in the final quality of the bark. We truly believe that we have the highest quality product on the market. has set up a quality control system to make sure only the best bark is reaching our customers.

buying mimosa hostilis root bark is a tropical mimosa species that grows in southern Mexico. The lovely name “mimosa” is derived from the delicate leaves that line up on the fernlike branches. The leaves each contain between 15 to 33 pairs of leaflets that are just 1/4 inch long on average. The buying mimosa hostilis root bark is a beautiful shrubby tree that has been found to grow upwards of 8 meters tall.

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Its branches are covered in short thorns to protect itself from predation, and its leaves are pinnate shaped that grow to about 2 inches long. The flowers are white in color and have a lovely fragrance, which occurs in loosely cylindrical spikes. The flowers become pods, containing about 3-4 fruits each. The stems of this species have thorns. The roots have a rich purple color. buy mimosa hostilis have traditionally been used as a natural dye, to make leather, and as a topical treatment for burns and skin. The ‌mimosa hostilis‌ plant has quite a few common names depending on where it has set down its shallow root system.

Buy mimosa hostilis is found growing in Mexico. It prefers lower altitudes but can be found growing as high as 1000m. In Mexico, the first tribes to ritualistically use this plant for its psychoactive properties are now extinct. The use of mimosa hostilis buy was kept secret and passed from father to son by the descendants of this original tribe out of fear of severe prosecution by the white man.

Mimosa hostilis tree for sale

Dermatology helps to prevent wrinkles and acne, as well as relieves psoriasis, herpes, and chicken pox scars. According to the studies performed with Mimosa tenuiflora to the present, it seems that the wound-healing activity of this plant is due to a combination of several different compounds (tannins and flavonoids mainly). Mimosa Hostilis tree for sale is full of flavonoids. Flavonoids are secondary metabolites that are mostly synthesized by the Mimosa Hostilis tree for sale. It has been scientifically proven that they work as antioxidants in plants. Recent studies have shown that flavonoids can also work as an efficient antioxidant for humans due to their ability to reduce free radical information and scavenge free radicals.

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